School made from plastic bricks

Plastic brick

Education and the environment. Two of the biggest issues facing countries across the developing world.

There is now a way to tackle both issues simultaneously. School buildings are being made from plastic bottles. This is the stunning new idea put into action by Hug it Forward, a charity changing lives.

These ‘bottle schools’ use concrete to build the foundations, columns and beams. But, instead of cinder-blocks or bricks, the walls are made using ‘eco bricks’. These are made up of plastic bottles, filled with rubbish that cannot be recycled, such as plastic bags and packets.

The bottles are then sandwiched in between chicken-wire and covered with cement, to form the walls of the school. A two-classroom school uses about 6500 such ‘eco bricks’. That’s two tons of rubbish that would otherwise impact the local environment.

Many areas of developing countries have no rubbish or recycling services, so bottle schools are helping both to remove rubbish and to educate children.

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