Environmental activism is for you and me

From Michael Jackson, and Wyclef Jean, to Marvin Gaye and Neil Young, there have been numerous songs on why you and I need to cater to the environment like another person.

Well, that is because the climate is you and I, and you would not want to be maltreated. Instead, you would love to be taken care of. The environment demands the same of us, lest we are all in poor conditions and bargaining with the shadows of death and extinction.

Hence, the birth of activism to spread awareness and ensure prolonged survival.

The Environment is, by simple definition, your surrounding.

Activism is the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

Every bit of human existence has its cornerstone with the environment: social, economic, scientific, political. However, because of one reason or another, human activities weigh heavily on the quality of the environment: pollution, deforestation, wetland occupation, and other human activities.

Environmentalism or environmental activism is a movement that is not only political but also ethical. The main objective is to improve the environment’s quality by initiating changes to activities responsible for affecting the environment.

Environmentalism is a trait every human being should have at heart to have a safer neighborhood.

Environmental activists believe, and they are right, that we should have political, social, and economic policies to preserve the environment. It's worth noting that some of the measures emanating from this balance are sometimes contentious since different environmental activities have various consequences. Some of the industries equally engage in environmental activism, even though some factions oppose ecological activism. Since the environment directly impacts life, caring for the environment should not be a one-person or organizational activity but should be a collective activity.

Youth in environmental activism

Everyone needs to know about the coming of environmental disasters, especially those who are part of disproportionately affected communities, such as low-income and tribal communities.

Youth show increasing interest in community and civic engagement, particularly concerning social and racial justice issues. And they report a stronger belief in the importance of becoming community leaders than previous generations did. Engagement in civic activism is also prevalent among youth who identify as Latino or black.

Today’s youth have inherited a planet ravaged by climate change. As they look toward their future, they’re more motivated to be environmentally active than older generations — and they have more tools than ever before with which to make their voices heard through youth activism.

Teen-led activist coalition Zero Hour, for example, has held climate change protests at the National Mall in Washington and met with lawmakers to discuss its platform and inspire other teens to join the cause. In fact, in Dr. Willett and Dr. Hylton’s preliminary research for their project, adult community members stated that much of the concern around Nevada’s environmental injustices is driven by the youth. They’re seen as an untapped resource for addressing environmental issues and building skills for future change initiatives.

Ugandan climate activist Vanessa Nakate, 23, spent months protesting alone outside the Parliament gates in Kampala, trying to get lawmakers’ attention and channel it towards the country’s relaxed attitude towards climate change. She founded the Youth for Future Africa and the Africa-based Rise Up Movement and spoke at the COP25 gathering in Spain in 2019.

Research has it that environmental activism occurs in every country around the world. In most cases, there are community developments and social justice groups in which the environment is at heart. Because of the global weight on the environment, 144 countries came together and formed the United Nations Environment Programme during the 1972 United Nations on human-environment held in Stockholm. Besides this, other international bodies had already started to fight for friendly environment policies and human activities.

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